Daniella, Chelmsford

Daniella, Chelmsford

Steph was our hypnobirthing teacher and we started our sessions at 28 weeks pregnant. We had one-to-one sessions in our home, which has been lovely for comfort and also to get the privilege of Steph one to one! I am a first time mum and found Steph’s knowledge and support invaluable! After recommendation, I hired her to understand the process of birth and what was involved during labour. To help me and my partner work as a team and understand my needs as I really want him to be at the birth and to experience this, continuing miracle, together.

The classes really explained the four stages of labour, opened my eyes to the fact that labour does not have to be painful and this is what a woman’s body was created to do! (amazing!). I have found the breathing and relaxation techniques, and other useful tools and tips Steph provided, very helpful during pregnancy and feel very prepared for child birth. They have helped with any anxiety I have experienced in pregnancy and enabled me to get a lovely nights sleep/s (which I have heard is vital before baby arrives!). The sessions with my partner have brought us even closer together, talking about our hopes and fears and I really feel he is ready to support me in the delivery room. I feel very confident now about our forthcoming labour, knowing what to expect and how to deal with things should they arise I found Steph to be very approachable and honest, answering any questions I/we had, down to earth and a very kind lady, I have met a new friend! A wonderful experience I would highly recommend to all pregnant ladies.

Steph was at my birth!!!!

After our one-to-one hypnobirthing classes with Steph I was unsure whether I wanted or needed someone else at the birth other than my partner, it was my first baby and I felt confident we would be ok. However, my labour came on quickly. I woke up in the early hours of the morning to my waters breaking. Surges came on quickly and strong, within the following half an hour. (Looking back, my partner and I believe I may have been having lighter contractions in my sleep and this is when my deep relaxation really started – thanks to the hypnobirthing relaxation CD’s I had listened to for weeks before, as I went and which sent me to sleep!). My partner was a great support, but we were both unsure what was going on and why the surges were so strong and frequent so soon. We called Steph at 4.30am! She came straight away, no questions asked, she was there and was our silent, supporting rock the whole way through. Steph’s presence was reassuring. She was in the background, silent, but there and would answer any questions Jim and I had at the time and supported us in anyway we required, she did not get in the way. She kept me focused on my goal, reassuring me all was going to be ok and I was doing brilliantly. Whilst my partner provided emotional support, Steph was there when and as we needed her. My partner looked after our baby when she came and Steph held my hand during the third stage and helped me have a bath. I feel I had the perfect birth, The baby came swiftly, I had no pain relief, and was fully supported by my loving partner. It was the birth I always wanted. I was able to control my contractions with my breath and stay ‘in the zone’ when distracted by midwife questions and transferring from home to hospital – with Stephs teaching and techniques I was able to re-focus easily. I put my amazing birth and the content, calm little baby we have down to hypnobirthing and Steph’s amazing support. We can’t thank her enough. I am proud when I say Steph was at our birth.”

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