Ruth, Barking

Ruth, Barking

“Baby was born last night at 10 35pm we are still in hospital but I must tell you it was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life and I must say a big thank you to you. I was in active labour when we went to the hospital, after an hour one of the midwives came in and wanted to see if I was actually in labour, as her and the other midwives were unsure because there was no sound coming from my room, they were all amazed and they all wanted to hear about hypnobirthing! The best part of the story is my baby weighed a whooping 9 pounds 8 ounces and I breathed her down in 30 mins, with not a single tear, cut or assistance, even I could not believe it. We had Dr’s on standby as my last birth resulted in a very nasty tear and quite a lot of blood loss and they were all amazed at how quick the baby came out and how intact I was. I was so happy even I could not believe it when they said baby was out and not a single tear . She came out without a single sound and she is the calmest baby I have ever met, even whilst her observation and everything else was being carried out she did not make a sound . I have never felt as empowered as I do now and I am telling my story to everyone who cares to listen. An hour after the birth I took a shower, had some food and now i’m just waiting for them to come send me home. I feel like I could jump out of bed now and run a mile, that’s how great I feel, it’s really been amazing and nothing like the traumatic birth I had the last time, I just want to say thank you for all your assistance I really appreciate it.”

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