Sara, Dagenham

Sara, Dagenham

“I heard about hypnobirthing from a close friend who also recommended Steph. The lessons were at our home which was something both me and my husband wanted. Steph introduced us to a new state of calmness during my pregnancy, birth and even now after our baby has been born. I never thought I could smile thinking about birth until I met Steph. My pregnancy became a bit complicated and we had to plan for C-Section. Steph took us through hypno techniques to be used during the c-section. I had a fear of needles and I practised breathing, visualisation and positive affirmations to use during the spinal injection….and I KNOW I would have screamed if I didn’t use what I had learned from Steph and practised all along. The calming music playing in the back ground really helped as well as it was a familiar sound for me and I could block out the noise of the instruments and talking in the theatre. A useful tip – always do a birth plan! Steph went through things with us and pointed us to more material for us to read and watch so we could make informed decisions. I used the techniques A LOT during the first two weeks after baby was born because I was determined to breastfeed my baby…. And God did it help, phew. Even air hurt my nipples but what Steph taught me I used to help me focus on why I was breast feeding rather than the pain. My husband and I still use it today, to calm ourselves when our baby is crying . Thank you Steph, you have taught us something, I believe we will use for life!”

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